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Digital Signage for Foreign Exchange at NAIA Terminal 3 Philippines

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3, Philippines - Others may say that large budgets for a foreign exchange displays are lavished and not necessary, HG-III Currency Exchange Inc. doesn't believe so. In fact, they are very smart to know that the smarter way to distribute and display Foreign Exchange Rate Information is by using a dynamic Digital Signage powered by iwhiteStone. HG-III change the way Foreign Exchange display rates by adding a dynamic display that not only display exchange rates but also give passengers other necessary information, a messaging platform for emergency purposes as well as promotional materials that the company offer.

The digital signage offers a real-time foreign exchange updates that will significantly improve their productivity and make their updating much easier. It has a centralized system configuration tool that can be updated anytime and anywhere.

Leaning towards using a Digital Signage could prove to be a significant development in terms of customer service, dedication and client satisfaction.