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13th Annual CES Conference used Interactive Digital Signage

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, Cebu City Philippines - In the age of digital democracy where social media is systematically reshaping human culture and is emerging as a powerful source for community transformation, the event situates the third level officials in this year's conference which themed "CES Leadership in the Digital Era: From Nation Buiding to Global Governance".

In relation to the conference theme, CESB have put up an interactive digital signage that is powered by iwhiteStone's technology to showcase CESB's year long activities and public service. CESB set an example of how to use the technology and to maximize their presentation via digital signage. They only not saved money by not using printouts and other printing materials, but also started their campaign in preserving nature by using green technology. The money that has been saved by not using printouts as their main materials of presentation can now be use for other good purposes, specially for pubic service.

Setting an example in this era that modern equipment, gadgets and system solutions have emerged is really a step towards pioneering a civil service, interactively and digitally.